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Data Visualisation

This course gives an introduction to data visualisation. The course highlights key aspects of data visualisation techniques and best practices. Further, it covers data import and preparation, creating visualisations, and publishing reports.

This module can be taken as part of a PG Certificate, PG Diploma or Full Masters Program. 

Key Skills

By the end of this course, participants should have the knowledge and understanding of: 

Data Visualization Skills: Creating impactful visualisations for data science.

Power BI Proficiency: Producing high-quality visualisations using Power BI.

Effective Communication: Conveying insights through clear and engaging visual representation.

Interactive Visualization: Creating interactive and compelling data visualisations.

Practical Application: Applying visualisation skills to real-world data science projects.

Desired Skills

By the end of this course, students should be able to: 

Understand the basics of data visualisation and the role of PowerBI in the data visualisation process.

Import and prepare data for visualisation using PowerBI.

Create a variety of visualisations using PowerBI, including graphs, charts, maps, and dashboards.

Publish and share PowerBI reports with others.

Apply common data visualisation techniques and best practices to real-world data sets.



Data Visualisation is an elective 10 credit course and therefore students are expected to input approximately 100 hours of study into the course.


The total number of contact hours is 15 hours. This leaves 85 hours for private study.



This module consists of 2- hour lectures per day for 5 days, plus a 1 - hour tutorial per day. 

 There will be optional clinics on the last day of the course.   

The dates of each lecture are confirmed closer to the start of each term. If you have any questions about dates, please contact

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