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Dr George Naufal

Texas A&M University


Dr George Naufal is an Associate Research Scientist at Public Policy Research institute, TAMU, and visiting lecturer in the Department of Economics, TAMU. He is also a visiting scientist at Houston Methodist Research Institute


Dr Naufal holds research fellowships at IZA Institute of Labor Economics, Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty, and the Economic Research Forum, Eygpt.  

Previously he was technical director at Timberlake Consultants and before that an Assistant/Associate Professor of Economics at The American University of Sharjah (2007 to 2014). 

Naufal's primary research interest is labor economics with an emphasis on migration and remittances. He also works on the effects of social networks on different aspects of the economy. Most of my research has focused on the Middle East and North Africa region with a focus on the Gulf countries.

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Dr George Naufal

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introductionto data miningand how to best handle big data. Most applied research rely on data that is only getting larger and morecomplicated. 

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