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Dr Giovanni Cerulli



Giovanni Cerulli is a researcher at the IRCrES-CNR, Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth, National Research Council of Italy, Unit of Rome. He took a degree in Statistics and Economics at Sapienza University of Rome and a PhD in Economics at the same university.


Given his statistical background, he is interested in analyses based on econometric and statistical tools. His research interest is about statistic and econometric modelling, with a special focus on the econometrics of program evaluation and causal inference.  

Giovanni Cerulli is the author of: Econometric Evaluation of Socio-Economic Programs. 

Learn with Dr Giovanni Cerulli

Computer Programming

Term 1: Elective

The aim of this course is to introduce students to machine learning, which is arelatively new approach to data analytics at the intersection between statistics, computer science, and artificialintelligence. Students will be taught how to master the theory and the techniques that allow turning informationinto knowledge and value by “letting the data speak”. 

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