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Prof Wouter Verbeke

KU Leven, Faculty of Economics and Business


Wouter Verbeke, Ph.D., is affiliated professor of data science at KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business. He graduated in 2007 as a Civil Engineer and obtained a Ph.D. in applied economics at KU Leuven in 2012.

His research is situated in the field of causal machine learning and profit-driven analytics, and is driven by real-life business problems. He has been working on a variety of applications in customer relationship, credit risk, fraud, supply chain, and human resources management in close collaboration with a range of companies from the financial, ICT, and HR services industry. Specifically, his research focuses on learning the effect of decisions or actions on business outcomes and taking into account costs and benefits in developing and evaluating business analytics applications. Wouter teaches several courses on information systems and advanced modeling for decision making to business students, and provides training to business practitioners on credit risk modeling, fraud detection and customer analytics.

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The aim of this course is to present several concrete applications of ML techniques in Economics and Finance.

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